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Richard Walker – Artist / Fabricator

Age: 37

All of the pieces shown here are made by hand, by me, Richard Walker.  I am a one man operation.


I have been building and fabricating things all my life. At age 14 I started restoring cars. My first one was a 64 ½ Ford Mustang Coupe, 260v8. My love of cars led to numerous projects ranging from sports cars to trucks, jeeps, and off road vehicles. I enjoy all types of fabrication along with restoration and mechanical projects such as engine building.

In 2002 I started building modern stainless steel sculptures . Over the past few years I have built thousands of sculptures, freestanding, lighted, wall mounted, indoor and outdoor. I specialize in working with stainless steel. The high gloss finishes are the same paints you will find on hot rods. Everything is built by hand.

A few years ago I was introduced to iron working and did numerous iron curtain rod projects and started working on some unique table ideas. I have been developing unique iron finishes and table designs. 

More recently I introduced my series of outdoor rusty metal art.  It is a fun departure from the world of hand polished gloss painted finishes.  Stay tuned for many more designs.


Mountain Biking

Motorcycles, off road



Classic cars and unique vehicles

Welding, fabrication, and restoration

Photo taken during 80 mile Appalacian Trail backpacking trip.