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I'm currently booked up.  That is why there is not an add to cart button.  Once I get caught up I'll be open again.  Current orders are shipping on schedule.  Thanks for your patience.  I'm a one man operation and this has been a very busy season.  Richard


Email is really the best way to reach me.

 You can also contact me by phone and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


 Are you still making garden stake memorials? - I am not unfortunately.  My schedule changed and that makes it hard to make something that takes a couple weeks to build.  Shipping costs have also increased and now with the virus, getting materials is not as easy or as safe as it used to be.  These days I am focused on making the memorial ornaments.  Nearly all my original designs are now available in ornament form.  I also added about 60 new designs along with a lot of new breeds and they can now be made with angel wings.  


Where is the add to cart button?  When I am booked up I have to disable the add to cart feature and it will just show the wishlist button instead of giving the ability to make a purchase.  


If I'm Booked Up:

I'm a one man operation and make these personally.  Periodically I get booked up and need to stop taking orders to make sure that I stay on schedule with current orders.  

Thanks for your patience




Richard Walker - Artist