9-13-23 Update: I am now accepting orders

I have been making different types of pet memorials for a long time. When I started making these I was thinking they would make good sympathy gifts and considered them Christmas Ornaments that would be seasonal. After receiving numerous letters from customers I see that people have all sorts of great ideas and that most people display their ornament year round. I actually have two that I made for our past pets, Susie and Burt, that are hung year round on our mantle.

Here are some way these ornaments have been used:

  1. As a fundraiser for pet rescues. People will special order a batch that will then be auctioned off at the fundraiser.

  2. Vet clinics have been giving them to their clients when they lose a pet

  3. They have been used as part of table decorations at events

  4. Pet groomers have also purchased them to give to clients who lost their pet

  5. People have been hanging them from their rear view mirror

  6. People have been making shadow boxes and will include a personalized ornament along with a couple other small items from their pet, like the pet tag.

  7. They have been hung outdoors on their pet's favorite tree

  8. Some have been used as parts of wind chimes

  9. They get hung from or screwed to gates or fence posts. One person also attached theirs to their staircase post in their entryway.

  10. They have been hung where the pet leash used to hang.

  11. Some are not memorials at all. They have been mother's day or birthday gifts. I started making the versions without wings for people who just love their pet or a certain breed.

  12. They have been used as part of outdoor memorials. Usually there will be a stone or cross and the ornament would be hung from the cross.

  13. One customer installed a marker on their dog's favorite trail and their ornament was mounted to the post.

  14. They have been used for indoor memory displays. Often these displays will include a photo of a person's pet, the leash, collar, pet tag, and sometimes even a favorite toy.


I'm so glad people like these ornaments. Let me know how you'll be displaying yours and I'll post your idea here to share with others.


Richard Walker - artist


My personal ornaments.  Susie on the left was a Cairn and Burt on the right was a Spitz